Metal Clay Now Gallery Showcase

Need some inspiration? Take a look at work from other metal clay artists and see all the possibilities. This showcase presents exceptional work from those who have pushed metal clay to new heights and beyond. Metal clay is the primary material—and some have incorporated other materials and elements in their design. We encourage everyone to find their own voice and push this medium in new directions.

If you would like to be considered on our showcase gallery, we would need a professional quality photo. Please use the Contact form to reach us.

  • jewelry by Linda Kaye-Moses
    Linda Kaye-Moses
  • jewelry by Cindy Silas
    Cindy Silas
  • jewelry by Christi Anderson
    Christi Anderson
  • jewelry by Iwona Tamborska
    Iwona Tamborska
  • jewelry by Anna Mazon
    Anna Mazon
  • jewelry by Liz Sabol
    Liz Sabol
  • jewelry by Barbara Becker Simon
    Barbara Becker Simon
  • jewelry by Rodica Frunze
    Rodica Frunze
  • jewelry by Lisel Crowley
    Lisel Crowley
  • jewelry by Sharon Henderson
    Sharon Henderson
  • jewelry by Lori Field
    Lori Field
  • jewelry by Lynn Cobb
    Lynn Cobb
  • jewelry by Gordon Uyehara
    Gordon Uyehara
  • jewelry by Barbro Gendell
    Barbro Gendell
  • jewelry by Liz Hall
    Liz Hall
  • jewelry by Hadar Jacobson
    Hadar Jacobson
  • jewelry by Ilona Pileika
    Ilona Pileika
  • jewelry by Tracey Spurgin
    Tracey Spurgin
  • jewelry by Cindy Miller
    Cindy Miller
  • jewelry by Celie Fago
    Celie Fago
  • jewelry by Donna Penoyer
    Donna Penoyer
  • jewelry by Helen Sang
    Helen Sang
  • Christi Anderson
    Christi Anderson
  • jewelry by Julia Rai
    Julia Rai
  • jewelry by Wanaree Tanner
    Wanaree Tanner
  • jewelry by Ivy Solomon
    Ivy Solomon
  • jewelry by Joy Funnell
    Joy Funnell
  • jewelry by Wendy Malinow
    Wendy Malinow
  • Silver Blossom Cuff by Terry Kovalcik
    Terry Kovalcik
  • jewelry by Eleanor Phillips
    Eleanor Phillips
  • jewelry by Janet Alexander
    Janet Alexander
  • jewelry by Holly Gage
    Holly Gage
  • jewelry by Patrik Kusek
    Patrik Kusek
  • jewelry by Kim Nogueira
    Kim Nogueira
  • jewelry by Susan Silvy
    Susan Silvy
  • jewelry by Dina Alexander
    Dina Alexander
  • jewelry by Helga van Leipsig
    Helga van Leipsig
  • jewelry by Sue McNenley
    Sue McNenley

Our Mission

Metal Clay Now and its sister sites on Twitter and Pinterest is a non-commercial, brand-neutral meeting place for all aspects of metal clay. This year we've added, an education hub for all aspects of metal clay learning. By gathering artists, technicians and innovators from around the world, this enterprise will become a rich gathering place that will foster creativity and raise professional standards. Metal Clay Now is not tied to any distributor and welcomes discussion of all forms of metal clay. Read more about our Mission Statement & Rules of Engagement.

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